5 reasons to invest in Tulum

5 reasons to invest in Cancun 

The first investment option is the acquisition of a home to rent. Most likely, there is no month in which the property is empty. People prefer to rent houses than stay in a hotel.

In this sense, consider a home that has amenities with swimming pools and that its location is close to the most popular beaches. In this way, the house will be more attractive for rent. (see options here )

The return on investment in Tulum is oscillating between 8% and 14% per year. This is due to the amount of money that moves, since there is a lot of tourism and many real estate developments in its surroundings. There really is optimum potential for growth in the coming years.

2.-Surplus value
The purchase of land in Tulum is always profitable in the long term. Now, the level of surplus value that you can obtain depends on factors such as: location, site conditions, access to services, proximity to the urban area and proximity to the sea.

Due to the above, many people prefer to buy houses or apartments in Tulum, since the fact that there is a property raised also has benefits in capital gains. Despite this, the land has the advantage that real estate developers are always looking for where to put their next work.

3.-The best beaches in the world
Nothing can be compared to the turquoise blue of the Caribbean beaches. Although there are many towns around it, the beaches so close to the Mayan ruins increase their tourist value.

If you are thinking of investing in one of the Caribbean jewels in Mexico, we definitely recommend choosing Tulum. Well, it is a place with a lot of magic, charm, style and personality. In addition, its beaches are the best in the Caribbean. The advantages of investing in Tulum land are more than in any other tourist place in the world.

4.-The best tourist attractions
In Tulum you can visit Mayan ruins, while enjoying the Caribbean Sea. Also, in its surroundings there are tourist destinations to visit within a couple of hours by car. That without counting the ecotourism options. These are some of the most emblematic attractions in Tulum:

5.-The lifestyle in Tulum
What makes Tulum more attractive than the rest of the Caribbean cities is its lifestyle.

The eco-chic culture reigns in Tulum. All real estate developments adhere to it, the decoration is minimal, only decorative elements with personality are taken into account, in addition to the fact that they are projects that are committed to sustainability. In general, the whole city is looking for more environmentally conscious environments.

Nature lovers are in love with Tulum. Therefore, those who have not visited it yet are planning trips and luckily, they think about renting apartments instead of looking for hotels. Making this city an optimal city to grow your heritage.

This includes sustainable architecture, in harmony with nature
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