Expat in Tulum México

Expat in Tulum México

Expat in tulum 

Being an expat in Tulum or in  the middle of the Riviera Maya jungle and bathed by the crystalline turquoise waves of the Caribbean, is this beautiful destination characterized by offering a natural, healthy and exclusive lifestyle.

Eco-chic  and hippie in Tulum

Tulum is like the hippie (but fashionable) brother of Cancun, the most famous city in the Mexican Caribbean and characterized by large hotels and a more accelerated way of life, full of party spaces and music intended to amuse considerable amounts of tourists.

Living in Tulum, a not so distant dream

The Eco-chic style is not to be lived only on vacation. It is a true lifestyle that has attracted people from all over the world to find the perfect place to improve their lives in all aspects.

Those who want to enjoy a dream retreat and the invigorating energy that nature and peace offer.
The professionals of modernity, the digital nomads who have enough wi-fi to form a career in any business that they perform from anywhere in the world.

Those who are looking for a good time to invest. Tulum is surrounded by a natural biosphere reserve, so spaces are limited for urban development and the increase in property value is exponential.

On the contrary, Tulum is more committed to conserving nature, saving resources such as electricity, sustainable developments and offering design spaces in the middle of the jungle with small hotels and residences that allow silence, relaxation and gourmet cuisine.

What does the Eco-chic concept of Tulum offer?

The name of this trend arose from a mix between ecology and fashion trends or lifestyles.

This means that Eco-chic is for those people who love the adventure of living in the middle of a natural environment, without too much artificial light and under a lifestyle of respect for nature and care for physical, mental and spiritual health.

The Eco-chic combines the rustic style of living in cabins or small developments in the middle of a jungle environment.
It is ideal for lovers of yoga, art or spirituality.
It allows a lifestyle of consumption of natural foods, ideal for nutrition but that do not neglect flavor and gourmet style.
For those who need to relax from the stress of the cities, from the rhythm of life that involves traffic, large buildings or noise from the streets. All of that is changed by the sound of the waves and the breeze that moves the palm trees.
For those who enjoy natural remedies such as skin treatments based on earth substances, fruits, massage therapy, aromatherapy and integrate them into their daily routine.

Expat in Tulum, invest in properties now that it is growing and the return on investment can be higher 

  • Anyone can buy a property in Tulum
    And in fact throughout Mexico.

Yes, it doesn’t matter if you are a national or a foreigner, you can buy a property in Tulum without any problem. You do not need a special visa, just follow a purchase process, which is not complicated.

  • Buying properties in Tulum is quite safe, of course, as long as you do it with a serious and reliable real estate companyas Mactzilinvestments.com 
  • Additionally, Tulum and the Riviera Maya are among the best places to buy real estate in Mexico, since its privileged location on the Caribbean coast, its constant economic growth and the enormous flow of visitors it receives each year, mean that the properties have excellent added value and offer a good return on investment. Mactzilinvestment.com
  • Tulum offers quality medical services
    As a retiree, it is always important to know about the medical services that are offered in the destination where you will live, or where you will at least spend long periods of time each year.

The area of Tulum, the Riviera Maya and Cancun have quality medical services, with hospitals and private clinics. The health sector in the area has high international standards, so it does not matter if you are a national or a foreigner, you will not have problems receiving first-class medical attention.

  • Excellent accessibility and connectivity to different parts of the world
    Thanks to its extraordinary location in the Riviera Maya, Tulum offers very good accessibility and connectivity.
  • Tulum is located just 90 minutes from Cancun International Airport, one of the most important airports in Mexico and from which flights arrive and depart to destinations around the world.

The roads that connect Tulum with Cancun, Playa del Carmen and other destinations of interest in the area are in very good condition and are very easy to drive. In addition, in 2023 it is expected that the Mayan Train will begin operating, which will connect 5 states in the Mexican southeast: Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatán and Quintana Roo (where the Riviera Maya is located). So the connectivity between Tulum and other entities in Mexico will be even better.

  • Growing community of foreigners
    In recent years, the foreign community in Tulum has grown significantly, making it a very welcoming city for expatriates. The locals are warm and friendly people who will not hesitate to help you in everything you need to feel at home.

Mexican hospitality is incomparable and in Tulum you can enjoy it every day.
I found Mexico Relocation Guide where they tell their experience living in Quintana Roo 
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