Retire in Tulum

Retire in Tulum 

Retire in Tulum, If you’ve dreamed of retiring in a place where the weather is warm, surrounded by a tropical landscape with an exotic culture, without giving up all of the finer things in life, you should definitely consider Mexico for your retirement. 

Michael and Sophia are 50 they are   plan to retire in ten years, so they visited Tulum on vacation and noticed that real estate is growing every day, so it may be the right city to invest in and they can work from there twice a year.

Mexico offers an excellent quality of life, that combines with natural beauty and a modern infrastructure. Also, they have great cell coverage and high-speed internet. For this, Mexico is also a great option for professionals and business owners who need to continue working and managing their companies while they’re sitting in front of a gorgeous beach. 

 Relaxed lifestyle

Temporary Resident Visa by Real Estate Ownership

If you own real estate in Mexico that is valued over $281,000 USD, you can apply for a Temporary Residence Visa. 

Permanent Resident Visa

The Permanent Resident Visa is the serious option for anybody who intends to make a life or have financial interests in Mexico. 

The Permanent Resident Visa is for “Retired Income Holders”, giving you the same benefits as the Temporary Resident Visa. 

he 4 common routes to applying for a Permanent Resident Visa in Mexico are:

  1. By showing sufficient assets.
  2. By proving sufficient monthly income.
  3. By completing the 4 consecutive years of a Temporary Resident Visa.
  4. By having certain family ties in Mexico.

Being a retiree in Mexico doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to reach for the pipe and slippers; a lot of people who live here continue to have work and financial interests back home in the US. 

As life is a lot cheaper down here, the amount of money one needs in order to consider themselves financially retired is much lower when compared to that needed to retire in the United States. 

You’d be surprised how many retirees there are here who’re under 40 years old…   

Actual retirees who are over 60 years old are eligible to apply for a “Tarjeta Inapam”. The “Personas Adultas Mayores” benefits program has a senior citizen card which gets you discounts and savings on a range of services. 

These include health care, dental care, pharmaceuticals, and transportation. The Tarjeta Inapam also offers discounts on a variety of cultural interests.

Cost of Living in Mexico

In Tulum, Cancun, Playa del Carmen  destinations, you can enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle, including domestic cleaning services, and car and private medical insurance for about $2,500 USD per month for 2 people. 

At Mactzilinvestments  Mexico, we have gorgeous properties  in Mexico. We offer comprehensive services, so we’re able to accompany you in every step of the buying process, from showing you properties that fit your needs and budget, to handing over the keys with all the documentation in order so that you can move into your new home. contact us 

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